Directions to Orangeburg Manor

Need help finding us? Please use the "Get Directions" feature in the map below for turn-by-turn directions to Orangeburg Manor, or follow the provided directions from specific areas around Orangeburg.

Orangeburg Manor

(803) 937-4571

1120 Wolfe Trl Orangeburg, SC 29115

Driving Directions

From SC-4 and Neeses Hwy:

  • Take Wrights Mill Rd, SC-4 E, and Neeses Hwy to John J. Pershing St in Orangeburg
  • Head west on SC-26 W toward SC-19 N
  • Turn left onto SC-19 S
  • Turn left onto Rutland Drive
  • Continue onto SC-118/Rudy Mason Pkwy
  • Turn left onto Wrights Mill Rd
  • Turn left onto SC-302/SC-4 E
  • Continue to follow SC-4 E
  • Turn left onto Springfield Rd
  • Turn right onto Neeses Hwy/State Rd S-38-1216
  • Continue to follow Neeses Hwy
  • Turn right onto Neeses Rd NW
  • Turn left onto Bamberg Rd/Old Edisto Rd
  • Continue to follow Old Edisto Rd
  • Continue onto John C. Calhoun Dr
  • Turn right onto Broughton St
  • Continue on John J. Pershing St and drive to Wolfe Trl SW
  • Arrive at Orangeburg Manor